Guy Porter - Somerset Guitar School - Beginner


Believe it or not it is the beginner guitarist that takes lessons right from the start of their playing that has the biggest advantage! This may sound strange but let’s have a look at why this is.

With my guidance you wont pick up bad habits that learning by yourself you will pick up. Your learning curve will be greater than if self taught. This means you will be moving on to more advanced teaching much faster.

Guy Porter - Somerset Guitar School


You have the basics down but dont know what to do to improve and learn more. Tutored lessons where we see whats the best structure for you. This will help build upon the basics whilst adding in new hard techniques. This will be tailored to your needs and wants so will depend on what style you want to learn.

By mastering the basics your make it easier to master the more advanced parts of playing guitar.  I can push you to the next level and improve your skills.

Guy Porter - Somerset Guitar School


Now you mastered the basics, have improved your skills with taking on more advanced techniques. So whats now? Now we take your skills up again, to mastering more advanced skills and improving on the advanced skills you have.

In these lessons we look to push you to become the best guitar player you can be filling any gaps you have. Your skills and confidence in playing guitar will be pushed as we set your skill levels to the max.