Learning with an experienced teacher is the fastest, most effective and enjoyable way of progressing on the guitar the way that you want to.

Here’s why:

1. Learn to play the right things at the right time.

The problem with learning from the internet, online videos, books or from friends is that although the content may be valid, are you learning it in the right order?

Imagine trying to learn to run before you can walk. How far would you actually get? Learning with an experienced guitar teacher will help you to learn in the right way so that you waste no time and reach your goals much faster than with other methods.

2. See what you’re learning demonstrated for you in the Correct way.

Does learning from online videos really show you how things are done? How do you know that the person in the video actually knows what they are doing? If you are learning form a book how do you know that the technique that you are using is the most beneficial for you? How do you ask questions if you are unsure about something?

Learning form an experienced teacher with a proven track record of helping their students reach their goals as fast as possible, you can be sure that if you have a problem you will have a solution given to you promptly. Having the answers to your questions and getting your problems resolved in lesson is a great way to keep the focus on enjoying your playing experience and avoiding the stress of wondering whether or not you’re doing things correctly.

3. Get motivated!

One of the biggest advantages of taking lessons from a reputable guitar teacher is that each week you will be encouraged and inspired to pick up your guitar and play. Knowing that you have someone to support your development and learning is the greatest asset to taking guitar lessons at The Guy Porter School of Guitar.

The expert feedback coupled with personalised support and guidance means that the rate at which you will learn will be far greater than your average learning experience! Do other learning methods provide you with this?

4. Get support and guidance when you need it.

With a great teacher you will get feedback on your playing every week. In this way you will know exactly what areas you are strong in and what areas you need to improve on. Because of this, regularly seeing a teacher is the best way of ensuring that you playing is on the right track and that you are moving forward and enjoying your guitar playing.

5. Be around others in the same situation as you.

How often do you make music with others? Even if you do not want to be an international rock star, playing music with other people is beneficial to your playing, builds self-confidence and is simply great fun and very rewarding. A great teacher runs jam classes, workshops and other group events designed to boost your playing whilst having fun making music with others.

6. Save TIME and MONEY

You could spend months or even years wasting time and money on other guitar learning tools such as books, DVDs or online courses and still not make much progress. There is so much information out there these days that it is very hard to find out what you should be learning to move you forward.

With a highly experienced teacher you can guarantee that the information that you are given is exactly what you need, when you need it. Therefore you do not waste any time or money on ineffective methods and courses promising the ultimate short cut to great guitar playing.

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